July 14, 2012

Welcome Home, Lincoln

Lincoln traveled through Europe this summer with a study-abroad group from OC. He went to seven different countries in about seven weeks, studying and having lots of fun. We were able to see all the things he was seeing by keeping up with his photos on Instagram and Facebook. He posted pictures of the ruins of Rome, the mountains of Switzerland, St. Paul's Cathedral, the streets of Barcelona, the beach of Italy, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Tower of London, the canals of Venice, and more. We were also able to Skype with him several times and got to hear all that he had been doing. But we couldn't wait for him to come home and tell us about it in person. He flew in to Dallas on Monday and was planning to stay with a friend (who was also on the trip) who lives in Dallas, and then come back to Edmond on Friday. But we decided to head to Dallas and surprise him at the airport. We packed in lots of fun and activities in just a few days, but the highlight was seeing Lincoln smile when he walked through his airport gate.

We stayed at one of our favorite hotels in Dallas (hats off to the Gaylord Texan for giving the teacher-discount rate to homeschool moms). As you can see, the bellhop really likes his daddy:

The kids did lots of swimming:

 Oliver loved the 6-inch-deep baby pool:

We didn't really have a birthday party for Oliver on his birthday (July 8), but we did sit around at 10:00 PM eating burgers and shakes in our hotel room:
We also went back to some of our favorite places:

Every time we're in Dallas we stop by Children's. And remember:
Finally, it was time to pick up Lincoln:

I love this picture of Lincoln and Jack Henry. You can see how happy Jack Henry is to have his big bro home:
Lincoln brought home the perfect souvenir for Oliver, who promptly sat down on the airport floor to play with it:
We had a homecoming dinner at Babe's Chicken:

Lincoln had been up for nearly 24 hours, but he still had some energy left to go the water park at the hotel:
Souvenirs for everyone:

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