August 25, 2012

Vacation Recap

We've been home from our vacation for just over a week and we are gearing up to start school. We always start off slow with just a few subjects (which we did this week) and then go full force after Labor Day. Lillie also started her first college concurrent classes last week and Lincoln starts back on Monday. Hard to believe I have a sophomore in college.

The last post I put up was about the rocky start to our vacation. But it was all uphill from there. (I'll be posting some pics this week from that Colorado trip.) After our car trouble at the beginning of the vacation, we finally arrived in Denver at about 1:00 AM (2:00 AM Oklahoma time). We checked into our hotel and it didn't take long for any of us to fall asleep.

The next morning Oliver woke up early (he didn't realize that he was on mountain time and could have slept longer). He and I went for a walk while everyone else was still sleeping. As soon as I walked out into the cool Colorado morning air, I was so glad we had decided to take a vacation (I hadn't been so sure the day before). The weather was perfect! Cool and crisp. Here's a video from that morning:

One of the highlights of the trip was going to visit our former pastor's family. We were able to go to church with them, hear Pastor Shawn preach, and then have a great lunch together afterwards. It truly was a perfect day and such a treat to see the Youngs.

Cornerstone Presbyterian Church, Castle Rock, Colorado
This was the view from the church parking lot.

Here's Oliver and Gemma playing. (Note to Gemma: I'm sorry that Oliver whacked you in the face. He's used to playing with his big brothers.)

All the kids

Visiting the Youngs

Sunday evening we made it to Copper Mountain and checked into our condo. 

A view from our balcony

Another view from our balcony

Oliver is excited to finally be out of the car.
Out for a walk

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  1. Hard to believe I have a grandson who is a sophmore in college!


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