September 12, 2012

Are You Ready for Some Football?

It's that time of year again -- football season. This means Saturdays spent in Norman, conversations about various rankings, and Monday nights in front of the television. It also means that on Monday nights I'll tell Mary Margaret and Jack Henry that it's time for bed and they'll ask if they can just watch the rest of the quarter. After all, there's only two minutes left. I've learned by now that two minutes in football actually means something like 45 minutes. I've also learned that it really doesn't matter if it's "bedtime" because Brandon, who has veto power, is there with them and he'll give them the thumbs up to keep watching. One of these days Ollie will be right in the middle of it all, excited that he gets to stay up past bedtime.

 I like to watch OU and every once in a while I'll glance at Monday Night Football, but my favorite football team to watch is the 10-year-old Vipers who play at Mitch Park in Edmond. They have a great quarterback and the cutest little one-year-old fan yelling "Bubba!" during the games.

It was a treat to have both Gpa and Papa come to see Jack Henry play. And they picked a good game to come and watch. Jack Henry scored one rushing touchdown, threw for another, and converted an extra point.

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