September 27, 2012

Consider Yourself One of the Family

Oliver can tell you the name of each of his siblings: Lincoln ("Yeah Yeah"), Lillie ("Yee Yee"), Mary Margaret ("Ghee"), and Jack Henry ("Bubba"). And don't forget Anne Marie ("Mammie"). Oliver sees various photographs of her around the house. When he sees one he points and says, "Mammie."

He also knows that pictures of Anne Marie are on Susie's phone (in two different locations). Often he'll point at or reach for the phone, saying "Mammie." Sometimes the phone is locked so the screen is dark. Remarkably, the observant child has figured out (I swear we didn't teach him) how to solve this problem. Don't you love him?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    Love that Ollie knows Mammie.. so sweet. She will be in all of your hearts forever.


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