September 06, 2012

Ollie's Pub & Grub!

It's taken me a while to post all of our vacation pictures, but here are a few more of the many I took in Colorado.

Last year we were at the beach on Brandon's birthday and celebrated with dinner at Waffle House. That might not sound like a great place to eat, but Brandon loves breakfasts and it was actually really good. This year for his birthday we were in Colorado. I couldn't find a good breakfast place that was open for dinner, but I found a restaurant called Ollie's Pub and Grub -- it was pretty much a no-brainer that we'd go there to eat. When we got there we saw that it was more pub than grub, but that was okay. It was a really fun place to eat -- there was a bean bag toss game outside, some games inside, and the food was good.

Ollie playing at Ollie's
After dinner we went to get ice cream . . . 
and candy.

We also ate at a pizza place in Breckenridge called Downstairs Eric's. I had remembered this from another Colorado trip about nine years ago. During this earlier trip, Lincoln had nearly ripped his ear off coming down an alpine slide. We had spent several hours in the Breckenridge E.R. getting it stitched up and right afterwards we had gone to Downstairs Eric's for pizza.

The last time we were here, Lincoln was the age Jack Henry is now and Jack Henry was about Oliver's age.
Thanks for the ball, Lillie! Can I please have just one more.
Wading in the creek
We all enjoyed the heated pools and hot tub at our condo.
So long, Colorado. We're missing your cool weather right about now!

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  1. Good memories! It's nice to see mom in a couple of pics.