September 11, 2012

Our Little Distraction

Just over a  year ago I wrote a blog post about our little distraction who keeps things interesting during the school day. Well, not much has changed this school year. Homeschooling is a little trickier with a one-year-old toddling around -- getting into cabinets, trying to grab pencils and school books, pulling the paper out of the printer -- and the list goes on. And of course we have to take time out of our day for playtime, and once that starts it's hard to get back on track. Who wants to do math or logic or Spanish when we could be playing with Oliver?


  1. Susan Andrews10:23 AM

    So freaking cute!

  2. Courtney11:47 AM

    Do not know how you do it! I chase Will full time and I am not trying to teach! I am expecting another post just like this next year (: he is worth every little distraction, cute!


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