September 01, 2012

The Many Faces of Lillie

Let me first say what a delight Lillie is. She is pleasant and even-keeled, yet at the same time she adds spice to our (mostly) laid-back family. She's always been like that -- pleasant combined with feisty. She makes me laugh, she's fun to be around, and she's both playful and mature.

The other night as I was going through our Colorado pictures I noticed something when I looked at our go-cart pictures.

Lincoln's expression was the same in most every picture -- easy going, relaxed.

Same with Jack Henry. He had a happy smile in most every picture.

Mary Margaret also had the same expression in most of her pictures -- focused, determined.

But when I looked at the pictures of Lillie she had a different expression in almost every picture. I love these pictures and all her cute expressions! They capture her personality perfectly and you can tell she is enjoying herself.

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