October 24, 2012

Field Trip Opportunity for Bartlesville-Area Homeschoolers

Tomorrow my dad will be giving a presentation at the Bartlesville History Museum (information posted below). This would be a great field trip for older students. And the Bartlesville History Museum itself is a great place to visit for young and old students!
Brown Bag Presentation at the Bartlesville Area History Museum Announced

Guest Speaker Bill Woodard will do a special presentation on Thursday, October 25th from 11:45 a.m. until 1:00 at the Bartlesville Area History Museum at 401 S. Johnstone, 5th Floor, on "The Life and Times of Artist/Cowboy Joe De Yong."

Having met in military school in St. Louis, Missouri, Adrian De Yong and Joe Bartles became fast friends and hunting partners. The friendship was so meaningful that De Yong named his young son after Bartles, who was also the child’s godfather. Bartles later convinced De Yong to move his family to Indian Territory where De Yong opened a general merchandise store in Dewey.

At the age of 19, Joseph Franklin De Yong contracted meningitis which left him deaf. During the long convalescence, the young man managed to occupy his time drawing and sketching, something he had always been good at, but had never taken seriously.

"A way to entertain himself and while away his days mending turned into a highly successful and rewarding career. Not only did he develop his skill as an artist, he fell in love with the work of famous western artist Charles M. Russell, who later mentored him for 10 years. He befriended and worked with many famous individuals in the art world and the movie industry," said presenter Bill Woodard.

Earl Woodard, grandfather of Bill, was a close personal friend of young Joe and in fact was instrumental in his recovery. Hear more details on the life and career of Joe De Yong during this presentation. Original art works will be on display from the Woodard private collection and will remain on exhibit October 25 through November 20th at the museum

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