October 27, 2012

The Year We Forgot Lincoln's Birthday

Apparently the OU-Notre Dame game today is a big deal. We were talking about it the other night at the dinner table, and Brandon was telling Jack Henry and Mary Margaret how it's the biggest game in Norman in many years. He compared it to the OU-Nebraska game in 2000.

As it happens, both games fell on Lincoln's birthday weekend. The game in 2000 was actually on his 8th birthday (October 28), and it was so huge that it actually caused us to forget that it was his birthday.

I can't recall all the details of that day, but I remember that later in the afternoon, after the boys had headed out for the game, it hit me: "I forgot to tell Lincoln Happy Birthday!" And I wasn't the only one who forgot. It wasn't until the boys were in Norman that they remembered it too.

Looking back on it now, I can't believe we all actually forgot. After all, a birthday to an 8-year-old is a pretty big deal! They go to bed the night before thinking about their birthday -- the cake, the presents, and so on. Apparently that year what trumped a birthday was one of the biggest OU games in a long time.

After the boys came home late that night we had cake and opened presents and celebrated Lincoln's birthday as well as the OU victory over Nebraska.

Tomorrow is Lincoln's 20th birthday. Hopefully we'll be celebrating a victory over Notre Dame in another very big game.

UPDATE: Well, we didn't get the victory, but Brandon did get this nifty video of the drum major:

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