November 05, 2012

Adventures in Family-Picture Taking

Anyone with kids (especially little ones) knows how hard it is to get a good family picture. Sometimes I'll take 60 or more pictures and only end up with one good one. Well, this weekend I tried to get one of the kids and also get one of all of us. Jack Henry and I had fun looking through these today. We laughed at all the funny faces and things everyone was doing.

This one almost worked, but Oliver was looking at the birds.

Oliver decides to get feisty ...

... and keeps it up ... 

... through several shots.

This one would have been okay, but I snapped the picture just a little too late. If you look at Oliver's face you can tell he's having fun.

And he's having even more fun in this one!

Mary Margaret decides to play in the leaves.

Here's another picture that might have been good, but Brandon was playing that one song the OU band plays (the one where you do the "O" and "U" hand motions at the end) and Oliver is doing the hand motions.

And again . . . O.U.

My ballerina can't keep her balance.

At least Jack Henry's ready.

But he wasn't quite ready here.

Almost a good one -- just a little off center, and Oliver can't stop looking at his big brother Lincoln (Yeah Yeah).

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  1. Love them all! You are richly blessed!