November 17, 2012

Pencils and Providence

Who made you? Even Ollie knows the answer to that one. But did you realize that God also made that pencil in your kitchen drawer?

Obviously God made the cedar tree and the graphite. But he also works in and through the loggers and the saw manufacturers and the truck drivers and the countless other people who play a part in the making of a pencil. Free people living out their callings -- without being prodded or inspired by bureaucratic planners -- manage to produce this wonderful tool, the pencil. And, recalling the economist John D. Mueller's observation that economics is essentially a theory of providence, we can only marvel that the (ahem) Invisible Hand that guides and coordinates all this marketplace activity is none other than the hand of the all-wise and all-powerful King, Jesus of Nazareth.

Check out this terrific new video, and remember on Thursday to give thanks for free enterprise.

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