18 Months

Happy 18 months, Oliver!

We can hardly believe that you were once this size . . .

and now you are already 18 months old. Time flies!

You are growing up before our eyes, no longer a newborn or even a baby, but a toddler. You are running and playing and dribbling your basketball all over the house. You are saying so many words and you can even say two-word sentences. You make us laugh at the silly things you say and do. You are feisty, and somehow you've turned out to be the most stubborn of all your siblings.

You also are rarely ever still. When you first wake up in the morning you are on the go, ready to scramble off the bed, get your ball, and start your day! And you go full speed ahead until it's time for bed.

There are times when you play and just laugh out loud for seemingly no reason at all. I love to hear that laugh and happy spirit.

You are a joy and we love you, Oliver!

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