Christmas Pictures

On our way to Bartlesville we stopped at Ollie's Station Restaurant in Tulsa.
Ollie was enamored with the miniature train that circled the restaurant. It came by our table (right above our heads) about every two minutes.
All aboard!

Here's Ollie outside of Ollie's Station spotting a real choo-choo!

"What could this be?"
"Just what I wanted! Thanks, Papa and Dona!"
Everyone gets a yo-yo in their stocking at Papa and Dona's house.
Future Nick Collison?
Christmas time at Gpa and Gma's
"Apples to Apples" with the cousins
Oliver being smothered. (What else is new?)
Lil and mom
Oliver hogging all of his cousin's new toys.
"Thanks for letting me play with your new ball, Will."
Sweet cousins playing with Oliver.

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