Super Bowl Party? Sure!

Sometimes my kids come and ask me if they can do something and I immediately say no. They ask things like "Can we have a sleepover?" or "Can we go to the Taylor Swift concert?" or "Can we go to the midnight movie?" I don't know why my initial answer is almost always no. I think it's because I'm Type A and have my to-do list and an idea in my mind of what our family has scheduled and I don't want to veer off the path. There are times when I wish I were one of those "fun moms." I know moms like that. They're, well -- fun! Little kids who have "fun moms" get to play with Play-Doh and finger paint, and use glitter whenever they want. And older kids ask to have a sleepover and the answer is "Sure!" followed by, "I'll run to the store and pick up some snacks."

So, a few weeks ago when my girls asked if they could have a Super Bowl party my initial reaction was, "I don't think so." But they told me how simple and easy it would be and that they would do everything. So I said "OK," and they immediately began planning the party. I pretty much let them plan whatever they wanted, but I did say no to cupcakes with sprinkles. Sprinkles are like glitter. Hard to clean up.

And like most everything that I initially say no to and then say yes to, it was fun and easy. The girls did most of the work and what little I did was fun and no trouble at all. And I couldn't ask for a sweeter group of kids who came over. Every time this happens I remind myself that next time I won't be so quick to say no to something.

Here are a few pics of the party. The girls got some cute party ideas from Pinterest and it really was a fun and easy party.

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