15 Lawmakers Unwilling to Define Marriage as 'One Man and One Woman'

"The Oklahoma House has approved -- without a single negative vote but with some members walking out -- a resolution reaffirming marriage as between a man and a woman and supporting the federal Defense of Marriage Act that prohibits recognition of same-sex marriages," the Associated Press reports.

"The House approved the resolution Monday on an 84-0 vote. House Democratic Leader Scott Inman and openly gay Rep. Kay Floyd of Oklahoma City were among more than half of the chamber's 29 Democrats who walked out of the chamber instead of voting."

The Democrats who were "excused" for the vote -- who weren't willing to go on record defining marriage "as the union of one man and one woman" -- are listed below.

  • Rep. Mike Brown
  • Rep. Kay Floyd
  • Rep. William Fourkiller
  • Rep. Chuck Hoskin
  • Rep. Scott Inman
  • Rep. Steve Kouplen
  • Rep. Kevin Matthews
  • Rep. Jeannie McDaniel
  • Rep. Jerry McPeak
  • Rep. David L. Perryman
  • Rep. Seneca Scott
  • Rep. Mike Shelton
  • Rep. Ben Sherrer
  • Rep. Emily Virgin
  • Rep. Cory Williams

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