Durant Can't Carry the Entire Load

The Westbrook-less Thunder took care of the Rockets last night to wrap up the first-round playoff series. The headline on Berry Tramel's column sums up why: "Kevin Durant got the help he needed to put away Rockets."

That wasn't the case in the previous two games. The Associated Press had correctly summed it up: "Thunder struggling to get Durant scoring help." I attended one of those losses with my uncle Bill. You'll note in this photo that the ball appears to be attached to my forehead. At one point in the fourth quarter Francisco Garcia (pictured in that photo guarding Durant) said to Durant's brother (wearing the green sweater): "He needs some help. He can't do it all by hisself."

That is true. Plus, the Rockets were hot that night. It got so bad that, as you'll note in this photo, all I could do was pray that their shots wouldn't go in.

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