Great Moments in Lefty Tornado-Politicization

Over at the Daily Kos, Ian Reifowitz looks at the tornado damage in Moore and informs us that "free-market conservatism kills."

In The New York Times, University of Central Oklahoma professor Constance Squires explains that "the state is run by officials whose rhetoric of self-congratulatory self-reliance says, hey, you’re on your own. That’s essentially what we told those seven little children who drowned in their own school. And it’s true. They were on their own."

As offensive as those comments are, for my money they still can't dethrone those of Oklahoma state Rep. Doug Cox (R-Allegedly). Citing the need for "care" and "empathy," Rep. Cox invoked the tornado to argue for funding for underground tornado shelters Planned Parenthood.

Say what?

Unlike free-market conservatism, of course, the nation's largest abortion provider actually does kill (333,964 times in 2011, if anyone's counting). Planned Parenthood is "an outlier on the great moral spectrum, with values most people abhor," Weekly Standard contributing editor Noemie Emery recently observed. So it's no surprise that Oklahoma lawmakers resoundingly rejected Rep. Cox's plea.

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