Independence Day 2013

We spent July 4 at the pool and then celebrating later that evening with friends. Here are a few pictures of our day.

Oliver at the pool
Oliver and "Yeah Yeah"
Jack Henry
"Here, let me help you with your goggles."
Fourth of July festivities
There were lots of fireworks.
All of the fireworks on this trailer were just for the finale.
There was basketball, and friends ...
... and good food, and lots of fun!
Every so often I look up at the sky and see a giant cloud tinged with pink. Whenever this happens I immediately think of Anne Marie. I saw this one last night just before it started to get dark.
Once it was dark the fireworks began, but they were a little too loud for some little ones so we had fun playing inside instead.
After the fireworks everyone let off giant lanterns. They looked so pretty floating through the sky!
And of course there were sparklers.
It was a fun day with friends and family.

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