Dear Oliver,

When Lincoln was little he said to baby Lillie, "I'm glad we have you. If we didn't have you, we would want you." That pretty much sums up how we feel about you as well. I really can't imagine what life was like without you or how we spent our days. You keep us busy and hopping from the minute you wake up until you fall asleep at night.

You play with your toys and balls and chatter nonstop throughout the day. Most everything you say is in complete sentences and you never have trouble telling us exactly what you want. You love to play at the park, play with your brothers and sisters, and swim in the neighborhood pool. Some of my favorite days are the ones when we go to the park early before it gets too hot and then go to Panera where you eat an entire cinnamon crunch bagel by yourself. Then we come home and we snuggle up in bed for your nap. I know I have a to-do list that never seems to get shorter, but I also know most of those things can wait and that this time with you is precious.

These past two years seem to have gone by so fast, but we have soaked up every minute we've had with you because we know how fast it goes. We love you, Oliver. We love your strong-willed personality and all the funny things you say and do. We love your quick mind and huge vocabulary. We love your soft little hands and your fat little tummy. We love when you are sweaty and sticky from playing outside and when you are clean and fresh, just out of the tub. We all fight to get you after you wake up from your nap and we love to snuggle in bed with you while you watch David and Goliath. We love that when you fall down and skin your knee or bump your head that you always say, "Mama kiss it" or "Dadda kiss it" and that always seems to make it all better. We love your loud squeals and we love to hear you sing when you're riding in the car. We love when you first wake up and are ready to play and we love to watch you sleep at night. You bring us joy and we are grateful for these two years and the gift that you have been to us!

Happy Birthday, Oliver!

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