October 15, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday, sweet girl. Today you would have been four years old. A bubbly, giggly, little four-year-old girl. You would be growing taller and bigger, and yet I imagine you would still have just a little of your toddler pudginess. I can picture how you might look in a little ballet leotard with your skinny legs and pudgy tummy. And I bet you would have been the cutest little ballerina in the pre-ballet class. We can only imagine what you would have been like as a baby and toddler and girl, but today I am remembering the beautiful newborn who God gave us four years ago and we are celebrating your life.

You were beautiful, and strong, and brave. You had soft baby skin, lots of dark brown curly hair, a nose and mouth that looked just like your siblings', and long skinny legs like your sisters'. You had piercing blue eyes that I can still remember focusing on my own eyes as I sang and talked to you.

You never knew the comfort of being picked up and rocked when you cried, but you liked to have your forehead rubbed and it always seemed to calm you down if you were agitated or uncomfortable. When you would cry you weren't able to make a sound, but you would just open your little mouth and squeeze your eyes tight. Those were some of the hardest times for me, but now Christ has wiped away your tears and there is no more crying or pain. You didn't have a coming-home outfit, but were clothed in the righteousness of Christ. Your never knew your "nana" here on this earth, but now she is with you, both of you united with Christ. I never heard the sound of your voice, you never went to church, and you were baptized in your hospital bed, but now you are in the presence of Christ with all of heaven singing and glorifying God. You were only with us 37 short days, but somehow in God's sovereign plan all of His plans and purposes for you were accomplished and you are now healed and perfectly whole.

Anne Marie, you are a daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, and niece. You are a covenant child, created in the image of Christ, loved by your family and church family. You were prayed for by friends, family, and strangers and are remembered and celebrated. God has used you to teach me to trust Him more and to show me how much He loves us. I am grateful for you and grateful that God picked me to be your mommy.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. I will see you in "the blink of an eye"!

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