October 04, 2013

'Pedophiles of the Soul'

"The 'Hail, Satan' cries offered up by five pro-abortion demonstrators in Austin early last month do not indicate that most abortion advocates are subjectively Satanists," Marvin Olasky writes, "but objectively, they are fighting God. When Bible authors want to show how sick a culture is, they write about Egyptians, Rome-imposed monarchs like Herod, and sometimes Israelites themselves killing babies (Exodus 1, Matthew 2, 2 Kings 17 and 21)."

And speaking of a sick culture, Anthony Esolen has a terrific new essay in which he criticizes the Planned Predators, those "pedophiles of the soul." Their message to children is simple: have sex and buy our abortions (after all, we've got quotas to meet!). They would never tell young people the truth: the more sexual partners you have now, the less likely you are to have stable marriages. That would be bad for business.

But the esteemed social scientist Dr. Patrick Fagan is not afraid to speak the truth (see his chart below), and he did so yesterday in testimony to some Oklahoma lawmakers. Regrettably, the Planned Predators' leading champion in Oklahoma did not attend the meeting.

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