February 06, 2014

Winter Days

A few weeks ago it was warm enough for us to spend the day at the zoo. Oliver got to run around and see the animals and spend lots of time playing at the playground.

But this past week it has been snowing and freezing cold -- even too cold to go out and play in the snow. Oliver has lots of energy, so it always helps our school week if we can spend a little time running and playing outside. This week we've just had to make the best of our time inside.

One thing I do with Oliver's toys is keep some out in the toy closet and store the rest in the attic. Every so often I rotate the toys and put "new" ones in the closet and the "old" ones in the attic. And for Oliver it is like getting a whole new set of toys.

A few days ago I got our "Little People" out of the attic. Some of these we've had since Lincoln was a baby, but for Oliver they might as well be brand new.

We've also spent these cold days snuggled up watching movies.

And then right back to playing "Little People."

And back to snuggling under blankets and watching "Winnie the Pooh."

We'll be ready when it gets warmer and we can go to the park, but for now we're enjoying being cozy inside.

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