March 04, 2014

Tax Consumer Wages Media Blitz, Taxpayers Respond

In 2008, University of Oklahoma president David Boren endorsed Barack Obama for president. "Our most urgent task is to end the divisions in our country, to stop the political bickering, and to unite our talents and efforts," Mr. Boren said at the time. "Americans of all persuasions are pleading with our political leaders to bring us together. I believe Senator Obama is sincerely committed to that effort. He has made a non-partisan approach to all issues a top priority." (I know, I know. Insert your own wisecrack here.)

Two weeks ago, Mr. Boren again weighed in from the left, this time with op-eds and expensive full-page newspaper ads denouncing the idea of giving income-tax relief to the Oklahomans paying his salary. Well, on Sunday in The Oklahoman, the good folks at OCPA Impact responded with an ad of their own.

Perhaps my alma mater can now turn its attention to other matters, like cutting ties with the multimillionaire abortionist who once dumped the remains of 60 babies in a field and also faced charges of raping and sodomizing his patients.

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