April 30, 2014

Lynch Mobs and Slippery Slopes

Writing about the recent transgressions of Donald Sterling, author and pastor Doug Wilson takes note of "the frenzied efforts of the mob to prove themselves to be a deeply moral people."
When a generation is as leprous as ours is, we don’t like how quiet evenings at home make us think about our guilt. This is why we launch periodic outrage crusades, going off on moralistic jags, in order to convince ourselves that we are too an upright people.

Remember. We are the generation that has slaughtered millions of children in utero. We are the ones who have hooked up the furnaces of Molech to the power grid. We are the people who have sanctified the anus as a true and noble destination of eros. We are the ones who discipline anyone who has the temerity to take issue with our red queen sexualities. Our consumerist idolatries sizzle and pop as we fry them all up in mammon grease.
Yes, "lynch mobs sometimes hang guilty people," Wilson says, but "this is not a good argument for the protection of public manners being turned over to lynch mobs." This is indeed a slippery slope. Wilson posits a thought experiment involving another kind of NBA owner; alas, a guest on PBS NewsHour is already going down that road:
What does Adam Silver now do, for example, with the DeVos family in Orlando, which funds anti-gay candidates and anti-gay issue ads all over the country, as well as owning the Orlando Magic? Does he talk to them? This is an entirely new world, and if we’re going to step into it, let’s step all the way into it.

More lefties chime in: While we're on the subject, umm, what about homophobic NBA owners?

And has everyone forgotten about Spurs guard Tony Parker? Last year Parker "made a quenelle salute," a gesture which "has become beloved of Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites, some of whom have been filmed making the gesture outside concentration camps, Holocaust memorials, and synagogues." Why hasn't Parker been banned for life from the NBA? Or how about KJ himself? Johnson was "officially found to have misused federal tax dollars and accused multiple times of decidedly repellent, sex-suggestive interactions with underage girls."

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