May 17, 2014

Unsafe Schools

That's the name of one of the blog-post categories over at another blog I edit. I don't go looking for these stories; these are just things I come across in my inbox or my RSS feed. Here are the headlines from the last month alone:
  • 10-year-old girl raped in OKC elementary school
  • Student accused of threats at Mustang school 
  • Police investigate sexual assault claim at Sand Springs school
  • Four-year-old wanders from OKC school, found in city street 
  • Kellyville teacher arrested for sex with student
  • Yukon settles lawsuit over bullying ... by teachers
  • Okla. high school coach arrested on molestation complaint 
  • Self-interest of grown-ups again trumps concern for the children
  • 'Sex abuse of students by school personnel addressed in new Title IX guidance'
  • Two former Okla. school bus drivers charged in alleged sexual contact with young girls
  • Former Oklahoma high school coach guilty of rape
  • Tulsa Public Schools bus nearly hit by train
  • Tulsa sixth-grade teacher arrested for lewd molestation
  • Two Oklahoma inquiries focus on possible sexual relationships between teachers and students
  • Coweta Public Schools bus driver arrested for lewd molestation

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