November 18, 2014

Oklahoma Pols Should Be More Like Walker, Brownback

Reflecting on the recent GOP tsunami, OCPA distinguished fellow Andrew Spiropoulos says "we should celebrate the victory of conservatives throughout the nation against a coordinated campaign of calumny and deceit funded by leftist billionaire George Soros and a small army of local Soros wannabes."
In addition to political candidates, they have funded phony news operations and policy think tanks for the purpose of spreading leftist agitprop disguised as legitimate journalism and policy research. Their recent stock in trade is spreading the big lie that we have reduced education spending in this country. They want to hide that we have spent billions and billions more on education in the last 30 years and, when you look at student achievement, we have nothing to show for it. 
Moreover, Spiropoulos says Oklahomans should savor — and learn something from — the victories of Scott Walker and Sam Brownback.
It is true that the Walkers and Brownbacks had to fight hard for their victories. Our state elected officials, from Gov. Mary Fallin on down, were re-elected by greater margins. But their victories, like that of our listless legislature, were empty. They didn’t win because of their achievements. They won because they weren’t Democrats. Maybe if they try to be more like Walker or Brownback, Oklahomans will have something to celebrate in four years.
I encourage you to read the entire column here.

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