March 05, 2015

Lillie and I Saw a Masked Man Flying Last Night

Lillie and her dad enjoying the game.
And here we are taking in the action.
"The most basic reason we watch sports is because there exists the chance, however remote, we may glimpse the full extent of human capacity," Adam Kilgore writes today in The Washington Post. "They can show us the limits. It happens so rarely that it must be cherished, and it is happening now."
At the moment, Russell Westbrook is operating at the extreme not just of the National Basketball Association, but of the entire bloody athletic spectrum.
That may sound overwrought, but it’s difficult to frame Westbrook’s current run in any other way. Wednesday night in an overtime victory over the aimless 76ers, Westbrook scored 49 points, snared 16 rebounds and dished 10 assists for his fourth consecutive triple-double, the first time that has happened since Michael Jordan stitched together seven such performances in 1989. Westbrook’s streak included a one-game delay to repair a facial fracture. He broke his face and never broke stride.
He certainly didn't break stride on this dunk which happened right in front of Lillie and me. My eldest daughter and I had a wonderful time at the Thunder game last night.

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