July 13, 2015

Big Questions from Little People

One evening when Oliver was three I was asking him various "who made?" questions  (Who made you? Who made the sky? Who made flowers? etc.). He knew the right answer each time (God), but at one point he paused and asked, "Who made God?"

Great question, son! Someday you'll be old enough to understand what a category mistake is and to see that no one made the One who is unmade, who is "infinite in being and perfection."

Ollie's question reminded me of something Lincoln said when he was just a few weeks shy of his fourth birthday. "What happens," he asked, "if a firefighter is fighting a fire and has to go to the bathroom?"

"I don't know," Susie replied. "I guess he'll just have to wait."

"Yeah," Lincoln agreed, "I guess he'll just have to hold it in." After about three minutes had passed, Lincoln asked: "How does God go to the bathroom?"

And here's one from a six-year-old Mary Margaret. "You know what one question I want to ask Hank?" (Hank Hanegraaff hosts a radio talk show called "The Bible Answer Man.") "Well, if God is a spirit, how did Adam and Eve hear him walking in the garden?"

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