February 28, 2016


Jack Henry (pictured above) and I were disappointed as we walked to the car last night, but I told him to try to appreciate what we had just witnessed from Steph Curry. And I'm not the only one who was in awe.

Click here for a game recap. Suffice it to say Curry tied an NBA record by hitting 12 three-pointers (on 16 attempts). Jack Henry captured some of them on his phone (here, for example), and also got some other great recordings (such as Curry guarding Durant, and Durant hitting a three). But this one here illustrates what the Thunder was up against:

In case you missed them, here are all 12:

Curry is quite simply a joya joyto watch. The shooting, obviously, but also the passing and the ball-handling. Sheer poetry. Here's a good 5-minute recap of last night's highlights:

UPDATE: On the ESPN program "Around the Horn," the host opened Monday's show with this question: "Was Saturday night the greatest regular-season basketball game you've ever seen?" Some of the panelists said yes, some said no, but the fact that it's even up for discussion tells you just how good that game was. Perhaps a Wall Street Journal columnist summed it up best with a piece headlined "Steph Curry Continues to Be Redonkulous." And I suppose the SI cover was inevitable.

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