May 22, 2016

Gun-Control Advocate David Boren Can't Seem to Stay Out of Politics

"Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg is on a mission to bring his New York City values to Oklahoma," Travis Couture-Lovelady writes in the Tulsa World.
He knows Oklahomans value their freedoms and would reject his efforts if he presented them for what they are—an attempt to impose his gun-control agenda on law-abiding gun owners—so he is using underhanded tactics to try and deceive folks. Bloomberg has enlisted local gun control supporters to sell his agenda as “common sense” gun safety. The point man for his insidious campaign is University of Oklahoma President David Boren, who sits on the board of Everytown USA, one of Bloomberg’s gun-control groups. Bloomberg and Boren are using influential business leaders to spread lies about a bill that would let voters amend their state Constitution. If the Constitution could be amended, gun rights would be strengthened.
The proposed amendment is "an effort to repair Oklahomans' right to arms," Oklahoma City University law professor Michael O'Shea has explained. But Mr. Boren—who just can't seem to stay out of politics—wants no part of it.

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