August 22, 2016

Tulsa Community College Allows Men in the Ladies' Restrooms

"Ten days before the start of the fall semester, the entire student body received an email on behalf of student affairs informing us that the campuses are providing 'all-gender restroom facilities for students, staff, faculty and college visitors,'" writes Colleen Shorrock, a student at Tulsa Community College, in a letter to the editor published August 20 in the Tulsa World.
Not fully understanding the intent of the email, I visited with the student affairs director to get clarification. Apologizing for the confusing wording, he explained that the bathrooms remained gender specific, only that anyone can choose which to use according to their personal gender identity, not birth identity.

This poses a huge threat to the safety of women, children, and elderly or disabled. Prior to this notice, if campus police observed a male entering a woman’s restroom, he/she would investigate the suspicious behavior. Now there are no safeguards. This creates a high risk for victimization. 
I am requesting the college to recant this policy on grounds that it greatly elevates the threat risk to students and visitors. As for the few who do not feel comfortable using the restroom of their birth gender, there is a solution already in place, it is called the family restroom. It is open to anyone and locks from within. They only need to be made aware of it.
The University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma also allow men to use the ladies' restrooms.

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