Face Time

As I did with all the kids when they were little, I love to lie down next to Oliver when he’s sleeping. The room is dark but there’s the faintest light from the porch or from the moon illuminating his face. So I lie next to him, my face just inches from his, and I just stare and ponder and give thanks. If I move my head ever so slightly, it causes the light to shift just enough that suddenly I see someone else, one of his siblings. If I hold perfectly still I am back in time and I am staring at little Lillie. Just hold still—don’t move—and remember the times with Lillie. It’s really quite wonderful. Other-worldly. 

Other times, if the light catches him just right, he looks like Lincoln or Mary Margaret or Jack Henry. One night last week as I looked at him it struck me, “He looks like … Anne Marie’s ultrasound picture.” Can you see it?

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