Is This Actual Research in Oklahoma's Tax-Funded Higher Education System?

Take the quiz for yourself!
  1. “Music, Religion, Politics, and Everyday Life: The Tensions of Utopianism and Pragmatism in Movements for Change” 
  2. “Towards Queering Food Studies: Foodways, Heteronormativity, and Hungry Women in Chicana Lesbian Writing”
  3. “Soul Shaking: The Private Perils of Teaching Whiteness to White Students”
  4. “Alter-Ontologies: Mapping Environmental Knowledge Gaps in Fossil-Fuel-Producing States”
  5. “Scholarly Rearing in Three Acts: Black Women’s Testimonial Scholarship and the Cultivation of Radical Black Female Inter-Subjectivity”
  6. “Transgressing the Boundaries: Military Masculinity and the Effects of Whiteness”
  7. “Hetero-Cis-Normativity and the Gendering of Transphobia”
  8. “Bow Down Bitches: Feminism, Beyonce, and the Quest for Agency”
  9. “The Man with the Midas Touch: The Haptic Geographies of James Bond’s Body”
  10. “Queer Theory on Campus: A Critical Ethnographic Exploration of Campus-Hosted Drag Shows” 
  1. Fake
  2. Real
  3. Real
  4. Fake
  5. Real
  6. Fake
  7. Real
  8. Real
  9. Real
  10. Real

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