Woker-than-Thou Lefties Hoist with Their Own Petard

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  • Hillary Clinton denies ever being tempted to a lesbian relationship, angering some LGBTQ activists. 
  • Some LGBTQ activists are slamming Mayor Pete for his past history with the Salvation Army.
  • "You know things are bad when the PC mob comes for Jay-Z."
  • Liberal "Ellen" producer Andy Lassner dared to utter some common sense; he is now being vilified as pro-fascist.  
  • Even liberals Jim Gaffigan and Sarah Silverman aren’t safe from the outrage mob.
  • The Democratic Socialists convention descends into parody over gendered language.
  • Tulsa educator Nehemiah D. Frank calls out the "implicit and racial bias" of the Tulsa World editorial board.
  • "Progressives are hurtling to the left so fast that even liberals in good standing are casualties of the tornado," The Wall Street Journal editorializes ("Planned Parenthood dumps its president as insufficiently political").
  • "It is disproportionately the highly intelligent, over-educated Left that is enforcing these new norms of wokeness," Sam Harris observes in a conversation with Ricky Gervais. "Give me an Ivy League education and an IQ of 125 and white skin; I predict that’s the most woke person in the room. It’s a political cult that has formed now on the Left."
  • AOC accuses Pelosi of singling out women of color
  • Even the communist fellow-traveler Woody Guthrie (a white male!) is problematic now.
  • A woke media company is in a showdown with organized labor.
  • Alyssa Milano is facing a backlash after calling for a sex strike to protest strict abortion laws; some people complain that her proposed strike ignores LGBTQ people.
  • The OU Student Leftist Union called for a boycott of the Norman Pride Parade because some members of the LGBTQ community feel unsafe when police are around.
  • David P. Goldman sums it up nicely: "Feminists like Pelosi are Islamophobes, gays like Buttigieg are racists, blacks are homophobic, and white men like Biden and Sanders are misogynist and classist, as the case may be."
  • Alexandria Occasional-Cortex spoke to a black audience in an accent and is accused of racism.
  • Cher wonders how "people could condemn" her for criticizing sanctuary cities. 
  • Barack Obama is now rebuking the party he drove off the left cliff, and progs aren't happy about it.
  • Buttigieg may not be gay enough to make up for his white male privilege.
  • David Boren stands accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward an OU student named Jess Eddy (one gay-rights activist says "David Boren is the queer version of Harvey Weinstein"). Mr. Eddy has a media spokeswoman named Sara Bana, a community organizer who advocates on behalf of the LGBT community and others. She tells the New York Times that supporters of Mr. Eddy are "focused on creating a safe space to allow him to 'cope and process.'" She says of OU's "decades-long criminal abuse of power" that "silence is a form of violence."
  • "The Vagina Monologues" is being targeted for lacking inclusivity.
  • A major state university debates removing an MLK quote for not being inclusive enough.
  • Princeton students are demanding that the racist Woodrow Wilson's name be removed from all programs and buildings at the university.

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