Woker-than-Thou Lefties Hoist with Their Own Petard

[Updates are added regularly.]

  • Even the communist fellow-traveler Woody Guthrie (a white male!) is problematic now.
  • A woke media company is in a showdown with organized labor.
  • Alyssa Milano is facing a backlash after calling for a sex strike to protest strict abortion laws; some people complain that her proposed strike ignores LGBTQ people.
  • The OU Student Leftist Union called for a boycott of the Norman Pride Parade because some members of the LGBTQ community feel unsafe when police are around.
  • David P. Goldman sums it up nicely: "Feminists like Pelosi are Islamophobes, gays like Buttigieg are racists, blacks are homophobic, and white men like Biden and Sanders are misogynist and classist, as the case may be."
  • Alexandria Occasional-Cortex spoke to a black audience in an accent and is accused of racism.
  • Cher wonders how "people could condemn" her for criticizing sanctuary cities. 
  • Barack Obama is now rebuking the party he drove off the left cliff, and progs aren't happy about it.
  • Buttigieg may not be gay enough to make up for his white male privilege.
  • David Boren stands accused of making unwanted sexual advances toward an OU student named Jess Eddy (one gay-rights activist says "David Boren is the queer version of Harvey Weinstein"). Mr. Eddy has a media spokeswoman named Sara Bana, a community organizer who advocates on behalf of the LGBT community and others. She tells the New York Times that supporters of Mr. Eddy are "focused on creating a safe space to allow him to 'cope and process.'" She says of OU's "decades-long criminal abuse of power" that "silence is a form of violence."
  • "The Vagina Monologues" is being targeted for lacking inclusivity.
  • A major state university debates removing an MLK quote for not being inclusive enough.
  • Princeton students are demanding that the racist Woodrow Wilson's name be removed from all programs and buildings at the university.

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