April 20, 2012

Ollie Pics (Blooper Edition)

I love Picky Sticky. These are little stickers that I use to chronicle Oliver's monthly birthdays. My cousin sent them to me when Oliver was born and they are perfect for sticking on his onesie so I can take pictures and keep track of how much he changes from month to month.

When Oliver was a newborn his monthly pictures were easy to take. We just put on his onesie and monthly birthday sticker and put him down on a blanket. As he got older they were a little harder because he learned to peel the sticker. But now that he is crawling it takes at least two people to get his picture. As soon as I set him down on the ground he starts crawling away, so someone has to put him down and try to make him sit still while I take pictures. We always get several cute ones, but there are also lots that don't make the cut. Here are some of our nine-month bloopers.

1 comment:

  1. Courtney2:20 PM

    Ok, see...those would be my good ones! First, it's hard to get a bad pic of this baby and second, you are so good with that camera!


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