19 Months Old

Our little too-good-to-be-true boy turned 19 months old on Friday. Brandon and I talk a lot about how fast the time has gone by, and about how Oliver isn't a baby anymore but a toddler. Those baby days flew by and we miss them. But this stage -- this is fun. He giggles and runs and plays and squeals. He makes us all laugh at the funny things he says and does, and it seems as if he learns so many new things each day.

One of Oliver's favorite things to do is to dribble the basketball on the driveway with Jack Henry. I'll bring Oliver's little goal out, but he doesn't use it. Instead he'll stand under the 10-foot goal and try as hard as he can to get his ball in (he's been doing this for at least five months now). Over and over he throws it up in the air and exclaims, "Almost!" -- though in reality, of course, it's not even close.

Oliver is talking up a storm and can pretty much communicate whatever he wants to. When he's watching Jack Henry shoot in the driveway and Jack Henry misses, Oliver will say, "Bubba almost made it." Anytime he sees someone wearing any kind of Thunder apparel he'll say, "Nunder." If he wants to read he'll say, "Dadda read book" or "Momma read book." If he wants to go for a walk he'll say, "Outside walk." For months now he's been calling his siblings by the names he's given them, and he knows all his grandparents also. A few weeks ago my aunt came to watch one of Jack Henry's basketball games and she hadn't been here long before he started saying, "Aunt Jane."

Yes, he does have a stubborn streak (you may recall that he is, after all, a sinner) and he's pretty feisty. He also doesn't know to share the toys in the church nursery, and when he doesn't get his way he drops his chin into his chest, looks at his feet, and pouts. But mostly he is happy and pleasant.

There are too many things I love about this age to list them all so I'll stick with the highlights. Oliver is generous with his hugs and kisses, and nearly every morning he wakes me up by kissing me. On the days I wake up first I just lie there and pretend to be asleep until he wakes up and leans over and kisses me. What a treasure this boy is!

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