Kiddie Park 2013

This past weekend we made a quick trip to Bartlesville, which of course, included a trip to Kiddie Park.

Cousins at Kiddie Park
Oliver and cousin Evie getting ready to ride the cars.
Oliver was having a great time before the cars actually started moving.
Once they started moving he wasn't so sure.  About 10 seconds after I took this picture he started crying and they had to stop the ride and let him off.
This was more his speed. 
Mary Margaret and cousin Claire on the roller coaster.
Since Oliver did so well on the slow moving cars, we decided to try the roller coaster. Lillie rode with him and held him tight.
We think he might have liked it.
Claire, Mary Margaret, and Jack Henry
Oliver and Jack Henry waiting for the train.
Riding the train
Oliver, Jack Henry, and cousin Will
Oliver and Will still going strong even though it was way past bed time.

When we got back into town I looked through some picture of past Kiddie Park trips. I think we've been every year since Lincoln was around 1.

Here's Lincoln on the roller coaster when he was almost 3. 
And here is Mary Margaret and Jack Henry riding with Brandon. Jack Henry was a little over 2 years in this picture and looks terrified, but trust me . . .  he loved it!
Lincoln riding the cars, 1994.
Jack Henry and Mary Margaret riding the boats, 2004.

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