Not a Safe Situation

Here's a letter to the editor, written by Allison Holt of Midwest City, which appears today in The Oklahoman:
Recently I took my three children to a park in Midwest City as I do several times a week. We try to get there early to avoid the arrival of day care center children. That day a school came as well as a day care. I offer this warning to parents: Your children aren't being supervised!

After the school arrived at the park, we left for a walk and went to another playground so that the children could play without being run over. At the next play area, there was a small day care with about 20 children and three workers. While the children played, the workers remained seated on a picnic table. No one worked, played or interacted with the children. After about 20 minutes, one worker came and supervised them.

We stayed at this park for about an hour, and the children weren't supervised well. It sounds so nice when your day care or school takes a trip to the park, but from what I've seen, it's not a safe situation for the children.

Next time your day care tells you about a visit to the park, take the time and follow them. See if your children are being supervised.

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