Big Brother (The Good Kind) Pays a Visit

Above is a little clip from yesterday. Anne Marie had a good night last night. By good I mean that her oxygen levels, heart rate, and blood-pressure reading stayed where they "should be" and that her fluid output was good. She was peaceful and calm. The number that was worrisome yesterday (measuring her blood flow in her lower body) was back to normal today. The doctor said that they didn't know what happened but "for some reason the problem corrected itself."

Today they are trying to get rid of a pretty big gas bubble in her stomach and are starting very slowly to turn up the vent in an attempt to expand her lung little by little. The goal is to turn up the vent (expanding her lung) and turn down ECMO. Please pray for success in this area, as it will prepare her to be ready for surgery. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors. Please pray that the ECMO machine will continue to work properly and will not clot (which is always a concern with the ECMO machine).

This morning at 6:30 Lincoln hopped on a Southwest Airlines jet in Oklahoma City and today got to see his baby sister for the first time:

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