Surgery Tomorrow


Anne Marie, 13 days old, opened her eyes today (see above), a rare occurrence which brought no small amount of joy to her mom and 11-year-old sister (below).

Tomorrow is a big day, a very big day, the biggest day yet, really. Today the doctors told us we're at a crossroads; tomorrow at noon Anne Marie is scheduled to have a two- to three-hour surgery to repair her diaphragmatic hernia. Suffice it to say the little princess -- plagued with pulmonary hypertension, her little heart pancaked over where it doesn't belong, surviving on a heart-lung machine -- isn't what you'd call an ideal candidate for surgery. But we're running out of options, and it's time to give it a try. Susie and I covet your prayers. Prayers that this risky surgery will have minimal complications and that Anne Marie's two-week birthday tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of her long life.

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