The Latest from the Roller Coaster

Susie and I have remarked before that our journey with Anne Marie very much resembles a roller-coaster ride. Just yesterday we were celebrating a successful surgery, but this morning the rotating attending physician told Susie, "I'm not going to sugarcoat it -- this is the most concerned I've been about her yet." Anne Marie's blood pressure is low, and the doctors think she might be "septic," i.e., that she has an infection which has spread via her bloodstream. They are treating her with antibiotics. Please pray for her. I just look at her and think, "The little thing is being pummeled. How much of this can she take?" Please pray that God will comfort her and save her life.

Essentially, we're looking at the same thing we were two weeks ago: One of two things is going on here. Thankfully, God is sovereign over everything, including roller-coaster rides.

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