Several Oklahoma Lawmakers Voted to Allow Dismemberment Abortions

"Oklahoma is set to become the second state to prohibit late-term, dismemberment abortions," Courtney Crandell reported today for WORLD magazine.
Dismemberment is the standard procedure for second trimester abortions. Abortionists can't use aspiration abortions at that stage in the pregnancy because babies' skeletons already have formed. Instead, they tear the babies apart to remove them, collecting the pieces afterward to ensure the womb is empty.
"The fetus, in many cases, dies just as a human adult or child would," bleeding to death while being torn apart, Justice Anthony Kennedy once explained. My friend Tony Lauinger, state chairman of Oklahomans for Life, correctly described the procedure as "barbaric inhumanity." 

Incredibly, six state lawmakers actually voted against the prohibition: Rep. Emily Virgin (D-Norman), Rep. Cory Williams (D-Stillwater), Sen. Randy Bass (D-Lawton), Sen. Kay Floyd (D-Oklahoma City), Sen. John Sparks (D-Norman), and Sen. Charles Wyrick (D-Fairland).

In addition, Rep. Claudia Griffith (D-Norman) and Rep. Jeannie McDaniel (D-Tulsa) were "excused" from the floor vote. Both had voted against the prohibition in committee. (Rep. Doug Cox, R-Grove, voted against the prohibition in committee but voted for it on the House floor.)

Abortion extremists, indeed.

Rep. Emily Virgin
Rep. Cory Williams
Sen. Randy Bass
Sen. Kay Floyd
Sen. John Sparks
Sen. Charles Wyrick
Rep. Claudia Griffith
Rep. Jeannie McDaniel

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