Endorsing Same-Sex 'Marriage' Evinces a Lack of Concern for People's Eternal Good

"Endorsing so-called same-sex marriage involves three tragic things," John Piper says in his podcast today.
1. It involves a false and destructive view of marriage. 
2. It involves a false and destructive view of sexuality. 
3. It involves, probably most importantly, a false and destructive view of the gospel warning that those who live in unrepentant homosexual activity will not inherit the kingdom of God. The gospel of Jesus is given precisely to rescue us from that peril, so why would we send people into it if we are gospel people? 
To me, these three faults—these three deeply destructive errors—are so serious that it’s almost inconceivable to me that a serious Christian would not be prevented from endorsing so-called same-sex marriage because of biblical faithfulness and love for people’s eternal good.

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