Fact-Checking the Fact Checkers

So the liberals at the Tulsa World are teaming up with the liberals at PolitiFact to do "independent fact-checking." What could possibly go wrong?

Commentators have long pointed out the liberal tilt at PolitiFact. (Earlier this month PolitiFact "fact checked" Hillary Clinton's book and, lo and behold, couldn't find anything "false," much less "pants on fire.") Mark Hemingway notes ("Study Shows Fact-Checkers Are Bad at Their Jobs") that "fact checkers don't come close to producing ratings that would be acceptable by the standards of academic social science. And if you know what a garbage fire the issue of accuracy in social science is, that is really saying something."

Mollie Hemingway is similarly forthright: "PolitiFact is a joke. They should be trusted with nothing. They are the worst candidates to adjudicate fakery in the entire media establishment. Even among the disreputable 'fact' 'checking' class, they are noteworthy for their awfulness."

Be sure to check back often for updates about "fact" "checking."


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