Opposition Party Favors Higher Taxes

"The Associated Press is one of many 'news' outlets that has gone into overt opposition, now that we have a Republican rather than a Democrat in the White House," John Hinderaker observes today ("Associated Press Says: Don't Cut Taxes!").

Hinderaker's post calls to mind an experience I had several years back at a state-capitol press conference during which some conservative lawmakers were discussing their plan to get rid of the Oklahoma estate tax. Curiously, one AP reporter covering the event felt the need to express his opinion on the subject (you won’t be surprised to learn that he thought the tax was worth keeping). I remember being startled that a reporter would do that (oh, to be young and na├»ve again) and remarking to some of the lawmakers afterwards, "How does it feel to look over at the other team’s huddle and see the referee in there with them?"

It’s worse than that, one legislator told me: It’s like we’re Nehemiah rebuilding the wall—trying to do our work with one hand while having to hold our sword with the other hand to fight off the enemy.

Well said.

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